Boarding at St Edmund’s is exciting and fun. It helps our boarders to become fully independent, create deep and lasting friendships and immerse themselves in the life of the school community.

Our five boarding houses allow everyone to thrive emotionally, socially and academically. The experience of boarding cultivates leadership, teamwork and tolerance; skills we nurture and develop in all our pupils.

Whether it be weekly, full-time, or even a one-night stay, boarding at St Edmund’s provides a sense of belonging in a home where everyone is committed to each other’s success and wellbeing.

Together, we are all responsible for the development of confidence and strong social skills.  All boarders are placed in the school’s house system, ensuring close interaction with our day pupils and staff.  Friendships are formed through these experiences, based on trust, respect and encouragement – all of which we expect from the pupils in our care.

Whether our boarders are located near the Cathedral in Choir House; or in the main school building in Owen, New Wing, Baker or School House; all appreciate the stimulating and homely experience that is boarding at St Edmund’s.


Our team of wonderful residential staff is here to care for boarders and to help provide a happy, settled and safe environment. We are friendly, approachable and always here to help.

Dr Edwin Jones
Director of Boarding

St Ed's School 501