Welcome from Dr Emma Margrett, Head of Junior School

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It is a privilege and a great honour to have been appointed as Head of the St Edmund’s Junior School from September 2018.

As soon as you step through the door of the Junior School, it is immediately apparent what a friendly place it is and how happy the children are. Our pupils are known as individuals by their committed and dedicated teachers, who inspire them to fulfil their full academic potential.  However, at St Edmund’s we are also conscious of the challenges that the children will face in the ever- changing world of tomorrow, and we prioritise the need to support them throughout their learning journey to grow into adaptable, confident young people who demonstrate personal resilience and a value system based upon kindness, honesty and respect for others.

Our Educational Vision is underpinned by a strong family ethos, and a belief in the importance of working in partnership with our parent community, prioritising small class sizes and excellent pastoral care. This approach creates an environment which offers the optimal setting for children to flourish, become inspired, and to be the best they can possibly be.  It is our aim that every pupil should feel that their unique talents are recognised and that our community is one where they are able to make mistakes and learn from them.

Outside of the classroom, pupils benefit from a rich and varied extra-curricular programme. Our school offers outstanding opportunities to participate and excel in sport, music, drama and the creative arts.

The Junior School, which educates children aged 7 – 13, has its own unique character but it also benefits enormously from being part of the wider St Edmund’s family based upon a common set of educational values. We share the wonderful facilities of our St Edmund’s site and work closely with our colleagues in Pre-Prep and the Senior School to ensure a smooth transition through each stage of your child’s learning journey.

The best way to appreciate the extra-ordinary nature of St Edmund’s School is undoubtedly through visiting in person and I would be delighted to welcome you to the Junior School so that you can discover what a special place it is for yourselves.