St Edmund's

Junior School

Junior School Welcome

St Edmund’s Junior School is an environment in which originality of thought and effort are encouraged, and where resilience and a capacity for collaboration are developed across every subject and in every lesson.

I am delighted to welcome you, to St Edmund’s Junior School. It is certainly a very special place, which holds, at its core, the children.

St Edmund’s Junior School nurtures children to thrive and progress to their fullest potential. We are small enough to know every individual and to quickly intervene with support or challenge as appropriate. Every child continually improves and can genuinely enjoy learning, achieving personal and academic outcomes that will prepare them for all that life has in store.

At St Edmund’s, creativity runs through everything that we do. We work hard to craft an environment where originality of thought and effort is encouraged, and where collaboration and resilience are developed across every subject and in every lesson. Children are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ and to make mistakes and learn from them. The world in which our children will live and work as adults will be a fast moving, dynamic environment. Part of our role is to help children to develop the skills to enable them to stand out from the crowd and allow them to be flexible and adaptable, whatever challenges they may face.

Our vision is to provide all of our children with outstanding learning opportunities. We do this by fostering a deep level of learning in an inspiring learning atmosphere. Alongside practical skills and knowledge, pupils are encouraged to develop lively and enquiring minds, the ability to question and debate rationally, and apply themselves. This vision is underpinned by a strong family ethos, and a belief in the importance of working in partnership with our parent community and prioritising excellent teaching and pastoral care.

As part of the wider St Edmund’s family, we work incredibly closely with the Pre Prep and the Senior School, so that all children seamlessly transition from one setting to another. We pride ourselves on really knowing our children; our school is perfectly sized to enable all staff, children and parents to become a united family in the single goal of providing your child with an outstanding learning journey. Whilst our school has its own unique character, traditions and expectations, we are open to embracing what children want to learn, particularly as we are uniquely placed to offer them an exciting, engaging and outstanding education due to our dedicated staff, wonderful resources and inspiring facilities.

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Our approach at school is fundamentally based upon two pivotal questions. Firstly, are the children safe and happy? Our outstanding pastoral systems and dedication to the care of the pupils by all members of staff is at the heart of all that we do which ensures that this is certainly the case for our wonderful young people. Secondly, will my decision enhance the teaching and learning for our pupils? Bringing the focus back to this core question ensures we are able to deliver a broad, in-depth and up-to-date curriculum, alongside an incredibly varied co-curricular provision that allows for all pupils to find their own path and flourish. 

This approach is underpinned by our shared set of whole school values; Each Other, Individuality, Intellectual Curiosity and Creativity, Excellence, and Social Responsibility. This foundation allows for a supportive, inclusive, family-based culture which promotes the often overlooked softer skills that our pupils are also able to develop as they journey through the school and become the leaders of the future. 

I often describe the Junior School as ‘the best of both worlds’, with a small-school feel that allows us to know each individual pupil so well, whilst also offering excellent, specialist provision in a vast array of subjects in all year groups to ensure all pupils are stretched and challenged accordingly so they can all reach their own goals and become all that they can be.

Ross Comfort, Head of Junior School