Junior School Welcome

St Edmund’s Junior School is an environment in which originality of thought and effort are encouraged, and where resilience and a capacity for collaboration are developed across every subject and in every lesson.

I am delighted to welcome you, albeit virtually, to St Edmund’s Junior School. It is certainly a very special place, which holds, at its core, the children.

“How can you say, ‘The sky’s the limit’ when there are footsteps on the moon?’

The quote above epitomises education for me and for my school. All children are unique, special, and have their own talents and gifts. Here at St Edmund’s Junior School we look forward to working with you and your child to ensure that his or her learning journey continues – not only in a way that challenges them intellectually, but in a manner that inspires their curiosity and enables them to dream.

As part of the wider St Edmund’s family, we work incredibly closely with the Pre Prep and the Senior School, so that all children seamlessly transition from one setting to another. We pride ourselves on really knowing our children; our school is perfectly sized to enable all staff, children and parents to become a united family in the single goal of providing your child with an outstanding learning journey. Whilst our school has its own unique character, traditions and expectations, we are open to embracing what children want to learn, particularly as we are uniquely placed to offer them an exciting, engaging and outstanding education due to our dedicated staff, wonderful resources and inspiring facilities.

Enjoy a glimpse into life at the Junior School on our Junior School Twitter feed.


As a school we are privileged to educate the boy Choristers of Canterbury Cathedral. This is an important part of our national heritage and our Choristers add significantly to the fabric of our school. That being said, we are not defined by one group of pupils, as our vision is to provide outstanding learning opportunities for all children. It is particularly important for my staff team to continue their excellent work with supporting children, but also allowing children to benefit from sharing their varied talents; of course this is crucial in our ever-changing global climate.

At St Edmund’s we are proud of the work of all our children and are passionate about ensuring their emotional and social wellbeing, so that they can thrive in the classroom and in a variety of other fields – whether in Orchestra, Choir or on the Rugby field. Our Co-Curricular offer will, I’m sure, continue our drive for excellence and curiosity.
St Edmund’s Junior School is a special place. My goal is to help your child to dream and to enable their dream to become a reality. I look forward to welcoming you and your child into the family.

Andrew De Silva, Head of Junior School