St Edmund's

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At St Edmund’s, great emphasis is placed upon the importance of supporting young people and recognising the individual.

We understand that our pupils come to us with different experiences and aspirations. This diversity  makes our community stronger and richer.

The pastoral team comprises the Deputy Head Pastoral, Director of Safeguarding, Chaplain, Director of Boarding, housemasters, deputy housemasters, tutors, resident boarding staff, Director of Wellbeing, matrons, Medical Centre staff and Counsellor. Each of them works closely with pupils and parents, and understands that they are trusted to offer good, salient advice. We are confident that our pupils feel able to approach these adults should they want to discuss anything of concern to them.

“The school staff are always so lovely to both of our children and always go over and above what is expected of them, and it is without a doubt, the reason why they absolutely love their school.” A St Edmund’s parent