Academic life

“What if….”

At the heart of our educational philosophy is a sharing of the joy of learning which, along with our insistence on ambition, helps to make our pupils the very best they can be: creative, active learners well equipped to shape their futures and those of others.

The curriculum is broad and sufficiently flexible to give all the opportunity to excel. No less importantly, our approach to learning pushes pupils to be curious – to learn to solve problems, develop new perspectives and, through creativity, to influence how others think, feel and live their lives.

Within our examined curriculum, we provide stimulation, structure and support in order to prepare our pupils for public examinations. Success in these is key to pupils’ futures and so a crucial educational aim, although we also teach beyond the prescribed curriculum in order to broaden the intellectual horizons of our pupils. Co-curricular courses, including project work and other forms of academic enrichment, are an important component of a St Edmund’s education.

Curriculum content is developed and delivered by subject specialist staff whose imaginative approaches to teaching and learning ensure that they capture the imagination of every pupil, and inspire them to want to know more. We strive for continuous improvement, not instant perfection, and we play close attention to how each pupil learns.

Dr Cathy Sotillo, Director of Studies