Naomi Stanko

Head of Economics and Business

For the last fifteen years, I have had the privilege of working alongside pupils and colleagues around the globe, teaching in international, independent, grammar, and state school settings.

From Cairo to Shanghai, Rome, Bromley and beyond, my love of teaching and the value I place on shared knowledge has allowed me to hone my craft in across dynamic educational environments and time-zones.

I took up the post of Head of Economics and Business at St. Edmund’s School, Canterbury in 2021 and relish the opportunity to deliver and develop high-standard academic programmes for GCSE Economists and A-Level Economics and Business pupils to engage with. Much in the vein of St. Edmund’s School’s values, the Department of Economics and Business buttresses academic excellence and stimulates curiosity through teaching AQA A-Level Economics, Edexcel A-Level Business, and OCR GCSE Economics courses within the framework of lived experience, guiding students to use their real-world observations and experiences as a benchmark for further theoretical and conceptual learning. The success, direction and outlook of the Department is certainly forward-looking and ambitious – it has been a joy to captain its continued growth. Indeed, our most recent, exceptional results during the 2022 exam series both at GCSE and A-Level, with GCSE Economists achieving 100% 9-4, A Level Economists achieving 80% A*-B and A Level Business pupils achieving 80% A*-C are a testament to how hard work, dedication, open-mindedness, resilience and engagement can pay dividends!

Previous to St. Edmund’s School, Canterbury, I was Teacher in Charge of Economics at an Excellent UK independent school where I was responsible for IBDP and A-Level Economics curriculum development, long-term educational planning, departmental staff support, and student progress. Apart from my international experience, which took me to several high-performing international schools in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, I also taught at an Outstanding Grammar School in Gravesend for a time and have likewise experienced teaching in UK state education both in outer-London and on the Isle of Wight.

My professional experience and personal interests over the years led me to achieve my most recent academic award – a Master of Arts degree through the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Leicester in 2017. In the programme, I submitted a successful final dissertation with focus on Development Economics, Human Rights, the role of IGOs and the Fairtrade Program. I enjoy keeping up-to-date with current affairs and my hope, moving forward, is to pursue further education surrounding the Green Economy or Sustainable Economics in addition to completing my RHS Gardening certification course!


Naomi Marie Stanko

Head of Economics and Business

St. Edmund’s School