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A-Level performances

It’s A-Level Drama performance time, and ALL are welcome. Entry is free but we do ask that you reserve your spot by clicking on the link.

There is a behind-the-scenes look at the rehearsals below. There are 8 different pieces, with 4 being performed on Monday 24 April and the other on Tuesday 25 April.⁠

Monday 24 April from 6:30pm

  • Orphans – Written by Lyle Kessler, a naturalistic drama which sees the relationship between 2 orphan brothers fall apart when a mysterious man enters into their fragile existence.  Henry Coupe, Finbar Taylor-Jones
  • Twelfth Night –  Shakespeare’s comedy is here updated to a modern-day fashion house. Played here is a naturalistic/classical style, Viola comes to court on her Master’ behalf – but there is an unexpected twist. Oh, the perils of disguise!  Lucia Walker-Reid, Lucy Carolan-Evans
  • The Memory of Water – written in 1996, is a naturalistic play about three sisters who come together before their mother’s funeral. Each sister deals with the death differently and each have different memories of the same events.      Hattie Pickles, Anna McCabe, Brook Davis 
  • Murder or the Train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh – Farce inspired by Mischief Theatre Company which sees an amateur theatre company struggle with staging a murder mystery when half the cast have not been able to get to the theatre because of train strikes.   Henry Coupe, Edith Burton, Yasmin Wilson, Finbar Taylor-Jones

Tuesday 25 April from 6:30pm

  • GCSE Goes Wrong – Farce inspired by Mischief Theatre Company which looks at the hysterical performance of 3 GCSE pupils performing an examination where everything goes wrong.  Anna McCabe, Daisy Marsh, Lucy Carolan-Evans
  • Circe – Inspired by Kneehigh Theatre Company, this piece explores the Greek Myth of Circe, an enchantress discovering both her flaws and the power she has the potential to possess.  Lucia Walker-Reid, Mia Jenkinson, Hattie Pickles, Brook Davis
  • 4.48 Psychosis – the final play by British playwright Sarah Kane, who took her own life at the age of 28. The play has no explicit characters or stage directions, so stage productions of this piece vary greatly. This piece is ‘In-Yer-face’ theatre, which tackles shocking material in a confrontational style.  Edith Burton, Yasmin Wilson
  • The Importance of Being Earnest – written by Oscar Wilde, this extract is updated here to the 1950s where manners and etiquette still prevail. Two male friends use the same pseudonym (“Earnest”) for their on-the-sly activities. Hilarity and misunderstandings ensue in this theatrical farce – especially when it comes to affairs of the heart!
    Mia Jenkinson, Daisy Marsh 

    The level of talent and performance is brilliant and shouldn't be missed! Mr Sell