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A wonderful Senior School lunchtime concert

Seven musicians from the Senior School performed in a beautifully varied and polished concert at lunchtime on Thursday.  George Burton and Matthew Bawtree performed ‘Lady of a certain age’ as a guitar duo which displayed energy and good teamwork, evident from the unified sound they projected. There were two piano pieces in the concert; Sam May from Lower 6th gave his debut performance with Prelude No. 15 in D flat by Shostakovich.

Those old enough to remember will recall that it was used in the 1980s TV series ‘Ever decreasing circles’.  The second piano piece, ‘Like someone in love’ by Van Heusen was elegantly portrayed by Will Inscoe from Upper 6th with its contrasting, reflective moments and stride bass style similar to Billy Mayerl.  Gemma Humphries then performed the theme tune to ‘Schindler’s List’ by John Williams on the violin.  Its soaring and heartfelt cantabile lines taking us right into the upper ranges of the instrument.  To finish, the St Edmund’s Jazz Trio consisting of William Inscoe (piano), Stephen Brown (drum kit) and Fred Rupp (electric bass) sent us on our way with the foot tapping ‘Poinciana’ by Jamal.  Their cool jazz sound provided the perfect finale to help ease us back into afternoon lessons.  Well done to you all.

Spencer Payne, Director of Music