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An amazing science lesson for the Dragonflies

Xiaocan from the Dragonflies class (Year 2) wrote this report after a wonderful afternoon in the Senior School Science Labs.

First we went to the Science Lab and met Dr Horn. He gave us some safety glasses and a lab coat and I felt really excited.

Next Dr Horn showed us some gun powder, it was black. When we tried to light it it failed because it needed air to work. When we blew air through a tube it lit up like dragon breath.

A little while later we sprayed some fire with chemicals and the fire changed colours. Copper made it green, sodium made it yellow, lithium made it red and calcium made it orange.

After that Dr Horn showed us how rockets work by filling a bottle of water with air and it flew across the string!

Then we went outside and Dr Horn gave us some sparklers, the iron made them sparkly. Finally Dr Horn lit some fireworks and we had to tell him what chemicals were in them by looking at the colours.

It was amazing.