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275 Years

275 year Anniversary 

A lot has happened since 1749.

There has been an industrial revolution.

The British Empire has come and gone.

The country has fought two terrible World Wars.

The United States of America has risen from 13 colonies to a global superpower.

Britain has joined and left the European Union.

England won a world cup.

There has been a technological revolution and the establishment of the internet.

We have had 11 monarchs and 74 (!) Prime Ministers.

The UK population has grown from 6 million to 67 million.

Enormous social, economic and political turbulence has taken place.

And yet, St Edmund’s has survived throughout this period.  First as the Clergy Orphan Society and now as a successful independent, coeducational boarding school.

So why the history lesson?

From January 2024, St Edmund’s School will be celebrating its 275th anniversary.   It is a remarkable milestone and we plan to mark it in a number of exciting ways.

We want our St Edmund’s “@275” campaign to achieve the following:

  • Reconnect with our history
  • Reconnect with our alumni around the world
  • Supercharge our performing arts and co-curricular provision
  • Raise funds for bursaries and charitable projects
  • Provide amazing educational opportunities for our pupils
  • Engage more energetically with our local community

There is already an exciting programme of events coming together.

So this message is akin to a “hold the date” invitation.

But actually, it’s more like a “hold the year” notification.

Keep a close eye on the school calendar and your email for information about @275 events and initiatives.

There should be more detail by half term.

Watch this space…