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Alumni Update

Alumni Update

Over Easter I attended two great alumni gatherings that celebrated a couple of important anniversaries.

Firstly, as part of our programme of events recognising the school’s 275th anniversary, I attended a pupil reunion in Hong Kong.  It was a fantastic evening at The China Club hosted by Old Boy David Dixon.  There was much laughter, reminiscence and sharing of St Edmund’s stories. Once again I was struck by the good humour and generosity of spirit that characterise Old Edmundians.

Secondly, I attended an important celebration event at Café Du Soleil in Canterbury.

It was for the 95th birthday of the remarkable Jock Asbury-Bailey – former Deputy Head, school historian and true St Edmund’s legend!  A number of Jock’s old students and friends attended (one even flew over from Atlanta, Georgia) and as the picture demonstrates, it was a very convivial affair!

Jock made a fine speech and we heard lots of stories about the great man and the mischief caused to him back in the day by his former pupils!