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Combined Cadet Force Programme at St Edmund’s

CCF at St Edmund’s

With the CCF at St Edmund’s expanding to now include Archbishops school, our leaders deliver training and personal development to both our, and their, communities. This ranges from cadets in Year 9 to Year 11. Many of these pupils, unsurprisingly, go on to achieve great things in their adult life, as a consequence of the skill set they have developed as NCOs within the CCF movement.

Cadets who continue to participate in the Combined Cadet Force, into the Sixth form, complete specialist leadership training, as part of the Army’s Cadet Force Instructional Techniques (CFIT) cadre.

On successful completion of this, they achieve the rank of Sergeant, and, begin instructing junior cadets in a variety of activities, as detailed in the Combined Cadet Force proficiency certificate. These include Skill at Arms, Drill, Navigation, Expedition training, Fieldcraft, Shooting and Outdoor Pursuits.

The instructors deliver lessons independently, assist CCF staff in more complex disciplines and lead sections, of 8 cadets, when participating in off-site supporting activities such as field exercises.

They also run the entire platoon, when on both Easter and Summer camp, supporting pupils with all aspects of the residential challenge, from simple time keeping and personal administration to overcoming, and achieving, the challenges posed by the activities. They are, in every sense, positive role models to their peers who, in all cases, aspire to reach the same degree of seniority.