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Parent Workshop ‘Stress and Anxiety in Neurodivergent Teens’

Parent Workshop ‘Stress and Anxiety in Neurodivergent Teens’

On Wednesday 8th November, the Senior School hosted their first parent workshop titled ‘Stress and Anxiety in Neurodivergent Teens’. We welcomed an external speaker, Holly Sutcliffe, who gave us all a fantastic insight into the teenage brain and expanded all of our thinking about our interactions and expectations of our teenagers. She also provided parents with lots of practical advice to use at home to support their teenagers. 

Parents also encouraged and gave each other invaluable advice and guidance through their own personal experiences. The evening also demonstrated the need for a community amongst parents of neurodivergent teenagers within our school community. 

We are planning to have termly workshops with a different focus each time with opportunities for parents to support one another built into the evenings. 

Thank you to all of those that came along to the first workshop and made it a success. If you’re interested in joining the next workshop, please keep your eyes peeled as this will take place in the new year.