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Remember your Physics!

Remember your Physics!

When I was at school, I always struggled with Physics. I just didn’t get it. Much to the frustration of my immensely kind and patient teacher Mrs Walters. She found my good humoured incompetence very frustrating.

However, when I was thinking about the first day of term last night, something she taught me back in 1986 popped back into my head. We were studying potential energy. Mrs Walters used the image of a rollercoaster at the top of its first climb, just before the tipping point when it starts to accelerate, to demonstrate the idea of potential energy.

The day before term starts feels like that moment…lots of potential mixed with excitement and some nerves.

Inevitably, though St Edmund’s is about to accelerate to full speed for another exciting term.We are ready to get started and looking forward to the ride!