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Outdoor Education Week: Walmer Trip

Walmer Trip

Today a group of our boarders visited Walmer Castle and St Margaret’s Bay with Mrs Millard and Mr O’Connor.
The objective? To learn 2000 years of English military and maritime history in five hours. In truth, they did pretty well!  The tour covered Julius Caesar’s invasion in 55BC, the historical role of the Cinque Ports, Henry VIII’s break with Rome and construction of sea defences, the Napoleonic Wars (including a visit to the Duke of Wellington’s study and bedchamber), a key meeting of World War One involving Asquith, Kitchener and Churchill and the Battle of Britain.  They also learned the importance of the Downs Anchorage and the Goodwin Sands.
After a fish and chip lunch, they then visited South Foreland lighthouse – with some wishing they’d chosen a salad instead as they trekked uphill on a warm afternoon.
A great day and our thanks go to the excellent staff at Walmer Castle for their historical expertise.