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School house weekend activity

On Saturday (29th February) we went to Odeon cinema to watch ‘Playing With Fire’. Sadly Nico wasn’t with us but instead Kaden came (Mr and Mrs French’s son). But the problem was that it was pouring with rain (LOTS of rain).

I would definitely recommend the movie as it’s funny, interesting and sad at some points; also it made you want to know what happens next, which is always good in a movie. Everyone enjoyed it and we had so much fun, even though we had a little problem with where we were going to sit (Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Vefidis were quite tired at the end!!)

After the movie we went to MacDonald’s and we ordered what we wanted which took quite a long time. Then after we ate, we went shopping as it rained outside.

Everyone had lots of fun. Thank you so much Mrs Donnelly and Mrs Vafidis!

Setayesh Kalantari Khandani