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School house weekend activity

On Saturday (1st February) we went to Kaspa’s with Mr Payne and Mme Dieppedalle. It was fun as we walked to town through the jungle. Omna and Bethany had a lovely time listening to music while going (Mr Payne kind of joined in making his own song up).

When we got to town we decided that girls and boys would split up and go shopping and meet in Kaspa’s at a certain time. The girls had a lot of shopping to do as usual with Mme Dieppadelle while the boys and Mr Payne went and played football in Dane John garden.

When we got to Kaspa’s we all started looking at the menu. And surprisingly Mr Payne had a giant chocoholic ice cream while Mme Dieppadelle had a coffee. It was all really nice and we had lots of fun.

Thank you Mme dieppadelle, Mr Payne, Mr French and Mrs French.

Setayesh Kalantari Khandani