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Chinese New Year in tHe Pre-Prep

The Dragonflies in the Pre-Prep have been learning about China this week – just in time for Chinese New Year on Saturday. First, we read the story of the Great Race and then the children were given characters from the story and performed in a wonderful play. Later, they rewrote the story in their writing books and then worked in teams of six to make their own Chinese Dragons. Thank you to Pre-Prep parent Mr Li for coming to talk to the class about China and answering all their questions.

On Thursday afternoon, four of our Chinese boarders participated in the Chinese New Year celebrations with the Dragonflies. Geri, Wilise, Leo and William all enthusiastically helped to demonstrate how to write ‘hello’ in Chinese, and showed how to make Chinese lanterns from a simple piece of card. The Dragonflies demonstrated their dancing skills with a dragon dance in the playground, encouraged by Mrs Sherwin enthusiastically banging on her Chinese drum!