St Edmund's

Dubai Sports Tour – Day 6

Day 6

Up and at it and at Aquaventure by 9.45 this morning. An excited bunch of pupils entered the park and off they went sliding and riding the rafts throughout the day. Some old hands were onto the ‘fast track’ tickets straight away and breezed around all of the rides in the park twice! Others of us took a more sedate approach, picking and choosing either by type of ride, group or individual, scariness or queue length! The Leap of Faith was a firm favourite for many, launching themselves over the precipice before plunging down the face of The Tower of Neptune.
Lunch was in the Baracuda restaurant before setting off on the afternoon stint. The Tower of Posiedon saw plenty of action too, with the ‘race’ slides a popular choice.

Ice cream and churros added to the energy intake needed for the steps and distances between the various sections of the park which has grown significantly over the last few years. Some napped on their sun loungers at times throughout the afternoon and although the sun didn’t shine (infact it rained), it was still a perfect temperature for a snooze!

And as the day came to an end, we changed out of our swimsuits into our team kit, ready for the evenings fixtures. We had been warned by a local resident that there might be a storm today, but this is Dubai … surely not. But … yes! No sooner had we left the park to find our bus, the heavens opened and more. We sought shelter in the mono rail station whilst we waited for the bus to make its way around to our preferred pick up point. Then the disappointing news came that all fixtures were cancelled this evening. Not a surprise as we had predicted that this may be the outcome earlier in the day.
We drove, very carefully, back to the hotel and enjoyed a much earlier dinner, after a lovely warm shower.
LAM and JDB walked a few pupils to the Mall to stock up on snacks.

A relaxed evening with some packing thrown in, in readiness for the trip home. The week has flown by!