St Edmund's

Dubai Sports Trip – Day 2

Day 2 Dubai 

Most people were on time for breakfast … just a couple of sleepy heads who needed an extra knock on their door! 

Pancakes, eggs, sausages, pastries  and fruit demolished, the pupils headed down to the foyer for their ‘head shot’ photography session. This was great fun, with some excellent poses struck. You will already have seen some of the results of this shoot on Instagram! 

We set off for Jumeirah Beach Resort where we all enjoyed a swim, some food, drink and a relaxing sunbathe. Some camels made an appearance, strolling gently along with their cameleer, negotiating the hot sand far better than we were! 

Several water hand stand competitions later, we packed up and returned to the hotel for a shower and rest, not forgetting another rousing version of Happy Birthday for Lauren’s 16th! Some chose to embark on a quick supermarket snack shop whilst others snoozed or jumped into the pool for a cool off. 

Today’s U18 fixture was at North London Collegiate School; Mr Millard reports:

It is an understatement to say that the opposition, six of the Al-Ittifaq U18 Pro Academy squad, proved to be the biggest challenge of the week so far. Our boys were fantastic from start to finish. Playing 10 minute quarters because of the heat, we held an outstanding team to a goalless first period. St Ed’s maintained a great shape, following players and not the ball. 2 quick, well-worked goals by Al-Ittifaq in the second quarter showed the enthusiastic crowd how explosive they could be given any time or space. Jacob and Jack shared the lone striker role superbly with Sonny making some excellent saves in goal. Another goalless quarter was the reward with Anthony, Luke and Oli showing intelligence and discipline. 2 more goals against and a short period where St Ed’s had 2 good chances saved but created by the ever present, and man of the match Henry, led us into the final period of play. With tiredness and heat taking effect, the local boys scored again. Final score 0-5 but that simply does not tell the story. A huge effort and lots of pride for how we stuck to the plan under pressure. Well done to all,  and thank you to our amazing crowd (with cheerful chants and ‘singing’ led by Rudy) and to our expert referee Mr Bright. The senior boys certainly slept well!