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fun in the sun Junior School Virtual Sports Day

It never ceases to amaze us in the Junior School PE Department the effort, commitment and support that the children give without having to ask twice. They always achieve.

Last Friday on the 26th June 2020, our pupils went a step further and will be remembered for participating in the first ever JS Virtual Sports Day; a day of sports related and sporting activities.

We assumed that our mantra of discipline and fun, mixed with the day’s activities, would result in an OK day. How wrong we were. What followed was an amazing show of participation and performance from children across the Junior School, brothers, sisters, parents and unbelievable performances from grandparents in support of the day’s events.

The programme blasted into action with healthy breakfasts being prepared and photos of great dishes forwarded to us, most of which were good enough to grace any top restaurant menu or TV Show. Promotional sports videos were put together with expertise and respect for Junior School Sport, whilst a visit back to the days of ‘pop mobility’ got those of a slightly greater age ‘rocking and rolling’.

For the pupils at school, a healthy breakfast was on offer and the day’s activities took place with the same commitment than with those not here. It was the children at school that put together the online footage to demonstrate the physical challenges for the afternoon session.

We had asked for videos, photos and reports of the day’s activities and after a weekend of looking at every message forwarded, Mrs Relf and I can report that we received throughout the day well over 230 emails and videos!

We cannot thank you enough for the support that you have given us on this occasion, a sports day that we will certainly remember forever. It has been a most humbling experience to see everybody get involved, families and pupils alike, and shows the true St Edmund’s Junior School at its best.

Results were not that important and will follow but I suspect the JS PE Department Healthy Eating Cookbook will be at the top of every Christmas list!

Fun is always at the centre of our teaching, but we strive always for participation. So to everyone who got involved, thank you so much, we achieved it once again.


Mrs Relf and Mr Penn