St Edmund's

School News

Aimée Rose Hawksworth, President of Interact reports…

“The Interact charity committee has been very busy as we enter into 2023. This term, we have selected 2 LGBTQIA+ charities to support:

– The Be You Project via the charity Porchlight, as our local charity; and

– The Trevor Project, as our selected international charity.

On Thursday 9th February, Interact hosted a phenomenally successful ‘Staff Blind Date’ comedy skit in the Theatre, and with over 130 pupils and staff in the audience, it was clearly the hottest event in town this week.

With Dr Masterson as our very own Cilla Black, Miss Scally as the star guest wanting to find love, and contestants Mrs Judi, Miss Huerta, Mr Clapp, Mr Coupe, and Mr Symaka hotly competing for audience votes to win a date, there was a lot of joy, laughter, and good spirit in the air as we raised an exceptional amount of money for a good cause. In the end, Mr Symaka won by a landslide with 65 votes, and we wish him and Miss Scally a very successful McDonalds Date.

Coupled with a hotly contested raffle – prizes ranging from a life-size Harry Styles cut-out to a ‘Starbucks for two’ voucher, and much more in between – we have raised a considerable amount for charity in such a short space of time over this half term. This is due to the dedication of our volunteers and the School Community as a whole – thank you all so much – we could not do any of this without you.”