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junior school deputy head: Mr comfort

Our Junior School Head is delighted to appoint Mr Comfort as the Junior School Deputy Head. Mr Comfort has been an integral part to the Junior School since taking on the role of Acting Director of Studies in January 2020, and, more recently as Acting Deputy Head since September 2020.

Mr Comfort has been pivotal to the school’s continued drive towards truly world class teaching and learning; he also has a particular passion for assessment! However, he certainly made his stripes during the educational lockdown brought about due to COVID19. As a result of his hard work, communication, organisation and ability to support staff, parents and children, our remote learning provision was regarded incredibly highly by our community, with 97% of the parental body believing that we met the academic needs of their children.

Mr Comfort is certainly part of the St Edmund’s family, having joined the school in 2011 as Baker Houseparent in Senior School boarding and then as part of the English department the following year. He also taught Film Studies, PSHEE and Games as well as holding a range of other Senior School roles – including Co-Curricular Coordinator, Deputy Housemaster, Head of Academic Intervention and Assessment Coordinator. Whilst Mr Comfort’s experience of the school showed significant commitment, the recruitment process for the Deputy Head was incredibly robust and Mr Comfort performed brilliantly in all tasks and against very strong candidates. So why him? Quite simply, Mr Comfort’s strong performance paid dividends as did his loyal belief in the Junior School mantra; ‘How can you say ‘the sky’s the limit’ when there are footsteps on the moon?’

Learning is an integral part to Mr Comfort’s Educational Philosophy; he can often be found reading an inspirational book in his office, so it comes as no surprise that he is also studying for his MA in Educational Leadership and Management.
Away from school, Mr Comfort enjoyed a rugby career which saw him represent clubs in the National Leagues and having since retired, he enjoys powerlifting to keep himself fit and healthy. He also enjoys reading and spending time with his wife, Kate, and two small children, Lucy, 2, and Lachlan, 8 months, as well as his five rescue dogs.

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