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Keeping active

As we continue to work and live under these testing times, physical activity is at the forefront of our daily routines and is proven to be a great tonic for our bodies and minds. There is big discussion now on social media, TV and news of how school need to do more sport, having been taken off of many schools programmes over recent years, relegated to just brief periods of activity based, not taught skills.

Participation, discipline and fun has always been at the heart of our St Edmund’s Junior School sport, as we firmly believe that a sporting discipline is best taught to create good solid foundations that will stand the test of time and ignite an interest for a lifetime to come.

This lockdown continues to prove that Junior School pupils love their PE and Games; its challenges, techniques and of course, that smile which is at the heart of all activities and crucial to make development happen.

Since our 2nd cyber return we have continued to ask our pupils to follow our ongoing fitness plan, add their own ideas and, to spice things up a touch, added a weekly challenge to develop new and old sporting skills.

Our coaching corner has once again proved to be a great success, where brief video clips of a chosen discipline are sent in for Mr Penn to cast his analytical professional sporting eye over.

The skipping and hula hoop challenge has also been set; 2 neglected but brilliant fitness devices of the past, and we openly encourage all of our pupils and families alike to give it a good go over the weeks to come, they are not as easy as you may think!

Please see a couple of pictures of 2 of our pupils out exercising.

Good luck with the challenges and keep active.

Mrs Relf, Mr Penn and Mr Buckingham