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Junior School Sport

It has been full on with sport and activity in the Junior School Sports Department since our return in early September. Our weekly timetabled lessons continue to flourish with a sound mix of skill acquisition, general fitness, competitive team play, individual development, full participation, provision for excellence and of course, FUN!

All of our pupils from Form 3 to 8 have taken part in our termly fitness assessment programme where we have used a selection of fun activities to establish a base fitness level for all so that we can monitor and help their physical development throughout the school year.

Although fixtures aren’t possible at the moment due to the ongoing situation, they are in place for if and when these can restart. That said, in games lessons we have focused on the main sports of the term; Hockey for Girls, Football for Boys. Skills practise take place on Mondays with more competitive games being played amongst ourselves on Wednesday afternoons, with internal rounders and football leagues being run.

We have been blessed with a lovely end to the summer and the warmth has allowed us also to play cricket and rounders throughout the whole of the Junior School. In PE with have started our 4 week rotation of varying sporting disciplines which have included: Handball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Rounders and Cricket.

Unfortunately our traditional before school wake up and shake up club which has run for 15 years is on hold but ready to go, Mrs Relf’s Mums and Dads netball club is waiting to resume and extra sporting sessions for lower school are also waiting for restrictions to lift. We do run a twice weekly Junior School Sports Reporter and Camera Club and our roving reporters have been very active in helping us establish virtual sports and whole school open day events.

Our Ski Trip to Canada in February, rearranged sports tour to The Netherlands and Form 8 Watersports Trip to Europe are all being arranged as usual so that the opportunity to experience all of the great sporting adventures familiar to the Junior School and part of the sporting life will not be missed as the school year progresses.

Should you require further information with regards to sport in the Junior School, please do not hesitate to make contact with Mrs Relf, Head of Junior School PE and Games, or Mr Penn, Head of Boys Games, who will gladly answer any sporting queries.

The Junior School Sports Department