St Edmund's


Junior School Latin

The Latin course in Years 7 and 8 provides an exciting introduction to the language and civilisation of the classical Roman age.

This is a varied and engaging subject, and we encourage kinaesthetic as well as traditional learning through role play and drama. Latin bingo games in class help with learning the numbers, while a foray into the ancient Greek alphabet aids an understanding of derivations used in English with all the fun of codebreaking. Along with the History Department, we also organise visits to sites of classical interest.

We cater for different aptitudes in the subject; some children concentrate on the historical and cultural feats and legacy of ancient Rome, whilst others also learn to work with the vocabulary and structure of the Latin language. A grasp of Latin can bring tremendous advantages for pupils – in the later study of English and other languages, and through the development of a clarity of thought and expression that will serve them well in both general study and employment.