St Edmund's


Leiths School of Food and Wine: Introductory Certificate

We are excited to offer Sixth Form students the opportunity to complete this practical course from the highly-respected Leiths School. Cooking is a crucial life skill and repays the effort put into learning many times over. Whether pupils have an eye on a career, or simply want to cook well for themselves and others, they will find plenty for them in this programme.

As well as learning to cook traditional and modern dishes from around the world, pupils are taught how to cook and eat healthily, plan menus, and buy and use food safely and sensibly; and are introduced to the world of wine. Pupils put their new skills to the test by catering for events at St Edmund’s, including the Head’s Festival Reception and The Mad Hatters Tea Party – an event for 110 people.

By the end, those with professional aspirations are well placed to move on to a more advanced qualification, with everybody involved better able to feed themselves and, crucially to explore the wonderful world of food for the rest of their lives.