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Launch into Life Drawing

For the second year running, St Edmunds has welcomed sixth form pupils from the EKST partnership schools to take part in Life-drawing sessions alongside our own pupils. The events, taught by Mr Filmer, were ran over two Saturday mornings in the Old Gym and were an introductory Launch into Life Drawing.  The pupils were introduced to some of the fundamental principles of life drawing such as: line of action, gesture, and form. These concepts were explored through drawing with charcoal, ink, pastel and all three together!   

The pupils were encouraged to consider the essence of the figure through initial one-minute poses before being allowed more time to develop their outcomethrough structure and form.  

It is great that we were able to offer this opportunity and, alongside thCanterbury Art Prize is building St Edmund’s reputation as a hub for the visual arts.  

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to join St Edmunds School with the Life Drawing session. We had a fantastic time in exploring different techniques drawing from the life model using a broad range of media. Rufus provided exceptional 1:1 tuition and made our students feel at ease throughout the session, despite the challenging nature of the tasks and this being their initial experience with Life Drawing. Students were proud of their outcomes and left the session buoyed and confident from the session. Having taken part in the session last year, I was keen to utilise this opportunity again; not only for our students to help develop their skill-set and portfolio but also for continued professional development. I firmly believe that sharing experiences such as this are reaffirming and progressive with pedagogical practice. It was wonderful to speak to other department leads from other schools in the area and gain their perspective on the current climate within Art and Design teaching. We thoroughly appreciate being invited again this year to your school and I look forward to the prospect of building upon these links further. Archbishops School