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‘Little Sticks’ Hockey at Polo Farm

The Dragonflies and Crickets had a wonderful time at Polo Farm this morning playing ‘Little Sticks’ hockey with Annie, Jaynie and Lewis. They took part in a fun agility warm up, jumping over sticks, scrambling through tunnels, balancing along beams and bending to touch cones. “I really liked jumping over the hockey sticks, it was really fun and I went really high!” said Imogen. Everyone was very speedy!

Then we learnt how to hold our sticks properly and dribble the ball in a controlled way in and out of the coned course. “We liked the dribbling and the passing, we learnt lots of skills” said Niyam, Luca and Zachary, “I could use these skills when I play football too.” added Niyam.

Finally, the children played games, using the whole of the double sports hall, giving lots of space for running, tackling and passing! “My favourite bit was the match the end because there was so much space and you could run around as much as you liked!” said Poppy. There were some very gutsy performances on show!

Thank you to Annie, Jaynie and Lewis for a really fun session. Mini hockey runs on a Sunday morning at Polo Farm so do go and join in the fun!