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Work Experience Week

It has been interesting working with the M5th pupils, learning about their likes, dislikes, talents and weaknesses. 72 pupils in total spent the week on work experience, many of the pupils within the group were unsure as to what type of placement they were interested in and provided a brief profile of information about themselves.

Work experience is important as it is the first stepping stone where M5th pupils to begin to think seriously about their future, it inspires them and motivates them to succeed in their chosen studies.

This year the school managed to create 11 new contacts with Local Businesses, some of who we shall be creating further working relationships with due to Curiosity Shop talks.

Out of the 72 pupils, the majority had placements throughout Kent however, 1 went abroad to Germany, 1 was on placement in New Market at the Equine Hospital and 6 were in London. Three members of staff kindly visited pupils in London, Monday– Thursday with fourteen members of staff kindly visiting pupils in Kent.

Pupils were spread out over a wide range of various businesses e.g. Canterbury Christ Church University, Digital Marketing, Four different Architect companies, Accountancy firms, The Archives at the Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral Lodge Hotel, Design Studios, Theatres, Bespoke Jewellers creating their own jewellery and the list goes on.

As always it was a pleasure seeing pupils in their work placements and all had grown up literally overnight. All pupils gained confidence and skills they do not have the opportunity to learn within the classroom.

We have had the largest boarding community which we sent on work experience this year, 23 in total – last year was 12. It was a pleasure working with them, ensuring they had a plan of action on how to get to work, some I purchased pre-paid bus travel cards, provided maps, bus timetables and arranged lunches for them to take with them on placement.

Some pupils will be organising to go back to their employers for Skills and Services, I have worked with some employers for a few years now and I have had reports back that this year theses pupils were above and beyond, maybe this is to do with my consistent reminder to them that they are representing the school however, all jokes aside it is because they worked hard, were polite and asked for further work once they completed a task; they were a real credit to themselves and us as a school.

Mrs Sharon Scally

Head of Work Experience


A massive thank you to Mrs Scally for her exceptional work in organising the work experience program. The dedication and commitment to our pupils’ growth and success have been truly invaluable. Thanks to your efforts, our students were exposed to a diverse range of industries, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge that will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavors.