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Mr Penn at the Kent Cricketing Great Reunion

Annually ex Kent Cricketers who were Capped Players meet up during a Kent game and this year Mr Penn was part of the day recently held at Canterbury during a county game. Players from the past meet socially and this year along with Mr Penn, several Kent cricketing greats from the past who had played against Australia in previous ‘Ashes Series’ were also present. Derek Underwood, Chris Tavare and Paul Dowton are amongst the group along with Kent’s greatest West Indian legend, John Shepherd.

The Capped Players system is an historic reward for sustained excellent service as an accomplished player and used across all cricketing counties and dates back to 1882 at Kent. Only 213 players at Kent hold the award of which Mr Penn is number 168. Numbers underneath the England badge on shirts and caps show the equivalent system for International players. Mr Penn, a ‘nearly International’, only won his at Under 19 level, time has probably run out for the full International number for him!