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NACE Challenge Award

NACE is the National Association for Able Children in Education. It is an independent charity founded 40 years ago that works with schools, education leaders and practitioners nationally to improve provision for more able learners.

The organisation has high expectations. To achieve accreditation a school must demonstrate that it offers outstanding teaching and learning, a high level of challenge for more able students, a culture of high expectations and aspirations and the understanding that ability can be revealed across a range of specific domains and not only in traditional academic subjects.

Following a recent final assessment day on 22nd April (which involved intensive work scrutiny, lesson observations and pupil/staff interviews with an external assessor); I am proud to announce that the school has received a NACE Challenge Award.

It is the culmination of months of effort lead by our Deputy Head (Educational Development) Anya Bensberg, Dr Masterson (our Able and Gifted Coordinator), Heads of Department and teaching staff to refine our academic provision. It further builds on the success of our March 2023 ISI Report in which the school received “Excellent” ratings for both Pupil Achievement and Pupil Development.

The full report has been published on the website and is well worth a read:

Policies & Inspection Reports

However, the key message is encapsulated by the assessor’s comment:

“In all lessons pupils were interested and engaged in their learning. The teachers focused on developing both knowledge of subject content and skills needed to apply this knowledge successfully. In all lessons there was a focus on the teacher’s expertise. The success of the lessons built on skilful teaching and strong interpersonal relationships.”

Head Edward O’Connor said:

“We are delighted to receive this recognition and would like to thank NACE for the invaluable advice and insights they offered throughout the accreditation process. My thanks also go to our academic staff for their continual hard work and dedication for excellence in the classroom.”