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We are so proud of our former Year 11 pupils who have emerged from this difficult period and achieved an outstanding (and fair) set of GCSE results. Today is the perfect reward for all their hard work and wonderful efforts, well done all of you.

Head, Edward O’Connor said: “St Edmund’s School would like to warmly congratulate its former Year 11 pupils on achieving an excellent set of GCSE results.

The anxiety and uncertainty that this year group have experienced in recent months and days (due to the cancellation of exams and Ofqual/Government confusion) has been an unpleasant, disorientating experience for them.

Therefore, it was doubly satisfying today to see them emerge from this difficult period with a tremendous (and fair) set of GCSE outcomes.

As with A-Level, comparisons with former years are not terribly instructive given the different assessment system in place this summer. However, for the record, this cohort achieved 45% Grades 9-7 (A*-A in old money) and a 98% 9-4 (A*-C) Pass Rate. These are up slightly on 2019 and almost identical to 2018’s results.

More importantly than the headline numbers, today we should be celebrating the individual achievements. It was a pleasure seeing our pupils and their parents this morning and discussing, what are after all, achievements based on years of individual hard work combined with family support and sacrifice.

This year group has worked extremely hard for the last two years. Their results today are a fitting reward for their wonderful efforts and the huge contribution they have made to the life of the school.

I particularly want to congratulate two year 11 pupils who have achieved 19 Grade 9s between them – an astonishing achievement and thoroughly deserved.

Finally, my sincere thanks as always go to our extraordinary academic staff. Their expertise and commitment beyond the call of duty have once again paid off for our pupils. In addition to our teachers’ leadership in the classroom, their conscientious and exhaustive efforts to produce robust Centre Assessed Grades means that our departing Year 11 can have faith that their results are a true reflection of their work and ability.”