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Ski Trip Blog: friday

Well, what a week!

To ski in North America is an absolute delight, to ski in The Rockies, Denver, Colorado during the past week has been beyond that. The snow has been perfect, the runs too many to complete, the lifts empty, the instructors “cool”, skies azure blue, the hospitality the usual top notch USA quality.

However, the true stars of the week have been our St Edmund’s pupils. They have given their all to every challenge thrown at them, dealt with a little homesickness, bathed in steaming hot tubs at the end of the day, knocked over ten pins, tubed down slippery slopes, stocked up on pancakes and syrup, munched on burgers and chili, sung their hearts out and only stopped talking to sleep.

48 pupils have maintained their high standards both among the general public and as a group and we should be so proud of the nature in which they have carried themselves this week as a very varied age range of children.

Resilience is a much overused word nowadays and can be learnt through the experiences of travel and weeks such as this one, not easily taught in the classroom. Their classroom this week, The Rockies, the most resilient of Mountain ranges has been a place to grow quickly for them all.

The pupils have been a credit but we suspect it may be a couple of days until they have the energy to speak and tell their tales…perhaps?