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Ski Trip Blog: thursday

This morning we woke up at 7:00, although we were sleepy from the three days of skiing, our faces lit up at the sight of waffles for breakfast. Soon after filling our stomachs we set off for another day of skiing adventure. To get to the top we used the ski lift named ‘the Gondola’ and every morning we warm  up with a green slope, which is the easiest, then once everyone was back in the groove we went on a blue slope which many loved, this is called ‘the Mary Jane’, it is a challenge but everyone took it with a smile, falling over at some parts (me included) and having a laugh. The absolute favourite of the slopes was ‘the dilly dally ally’ many people requested it several times making us break the record of the most times in one day to ski it. After several jumps, falls and funny videos we decided it was time for lunch. The chocolate cookies served there were made in heaven (sorry dad, yours are still good).

After stuffing our faces with tater tots we made our way to another blue slope this was steep and fast, but to our surprise no one feel over. After a long and fun afternoon we went back to our hotel, we had leisure time  for about 2 hours before going out to dinner at 5:30. After the delicacies from the kitchen were eaten some of us went bowling while others (trying to avoid the long bus rides) went back to the hotel for an early night.

Written by Charlotte, Orla and Alisha   


The top group went off adventuring today, having gone to the furthest edge of the resort, requiring us to be taken along in the back of a snowcat. We pushed ourselves to our limits, conquering various double black ski runs with ease and finesse. From the peak of the summit the views were unbeatable and the picturesque landscape was breathtaking.