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Ski Trip Blog: wednesday

This morning we woke up at 7:00 and then had breakfast half an hour later. As always there was a wide selection of delicious food, especially the American pancakes😋.

Today my skiing group went earlier so that we could have more time on the slopes, our instructor Shaun checked our boots as always and once again we were off.

Even though it was -9° the sun was shining and we all felt really warm. We were ready to ski the slopes. One of the most popular tracks was the Dilly Dally Alley which every one loved, and it had LOADS of bumps.

Another one of the favourites was the Mary Jane, this was a blue/black leading for us to be challenged, it consisted of steep slopes and bumping woods.

Lunch was refreshing, as the food went down well, we were treated by our ski coach Shaun with some local American food, such as, tater tots, corn bread and a rich brownie.

Through the day Dali Tabony somehow managed to drop her poles 3 times off the chair life.

When our ski day was over, we had a very eventful evening with karaoke. this went down as a hit and we could not stop laughing at some of the awful noises.

The dinner was appetizing which led to the students sleeping soundly.

Written by Charlotte, Alisha and Orla