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Enrichment Week

Monday 19th June 2023

Day 1 – And Enrichment week begins!  

Form 6 were straight into the outdoors on Monday as they created eco-friendly bug houses. Mr Anderson organised a woodland trail to collect prime materials before they constructed their homes with card and water-soluble glue.

After a break, Mr Filmer demonstrated how to decorate these bug houses using a combination of natural paints. Form 6 mixed egg yolk and natural powders to create paint mixtures. They then used cave paintings as inspiration to develop their designs—an EGGCELLENT morning.

On Monday afternoon, the children were introduced to some creepy crawly beasts thanks to Zoolab! An incredibly informative and engaging session and the children expressed their excitement/ fear/intrigue for all the beasts on display.

Tuesday 20th June 2023

Day 2 – Minecraft and Paper Making!  

Using all the powers of creativity available, Mr Jackson seamlessly integrated Minecraft into our enrichment week. The children were tasked with a range of problem-solving activities whilst ‘Farming’ in their Minecraft worlds.

In the afternoon, the children discovered how the recycling process can be rather tricky. First, we shredded all the paper used in our lessons this term to observe our environmental impact. Next, the children blended the shredded paper with water to create a pulp before spreading this papery slurry onto boards to make new paper! Alongside lashing sticks together to create natural picture frames, the quail chicks chirped and scampered their way to the hearts of our pupils.


Wednesday 21st June 2023

Day 3 – SCHOOL TRIP!  

On Wednesday, the children set off on their camping trip to Lathe Barn. The journey was smooth, and the sun welcomed us warmly into the heart of the Kentish countryside. Once the children settled into their tents, the activities began. Team games, den building and tie-die t-shirt making keep the children fully engaged and smiles firmly on their faces. In the evening, the children were treated to a BBQ dinner before s’mores around the campfire. A big well done to Mr Jackson for rocking it on the keyboard and keeping the singing alive with his plethora of harmonious melodies.


Thursday, 22nd June 2023 
Day 4 – Port Lympne

As the sun burnt through, the dew-covered grass soon turned dry, and the children shared stories about the amount of ‘sleep’ they may or may not have had!

At 7:45 am, the children enjoyed cereals and bacon baps for breakfast before setting off to Port Lympne. The wheels of our open-top truck began to roll at 11 am, and the children were transported to lands from across the globe to see a plethora of exotic animals.

The steep climb back to the start initially seemed quite challenging; however, the lure of the gift shop boosted morale and kept Form 6 marching triumphantly. A super place to visit – a ROARING success!

After returning to base camp, the children enjoyed some free time playing games and organising sweets in their tents. For dinner, the children dressed their pizzas with toppings of cheese, tomato and pepperoni.

Finally, the sound of ‘The Lion King’ soundtrack echoed across the bucolic campsite as the children settled down for their film in the play-barn.