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academic enrichment

At St Edmund’s pupil learning is not confined to the classroom nor the limits of examination curricula.  There are a number of exciting academic stretch and challenge opportunities available for Senior School pupils this term.  These are designed to encourage pupils to “think outside the box” and open their minds to unfamiliar topics and intellectual challenges. We have a huge range of activities lined up for this term but I have highlighted a few below:

Scholars’ Events

These seminars take place fortnightly on Tuesdays at 4:30pm in the Drawing Room and are aimed at academic scholars:

17th January

Miss Huerta (Learning Enhancement): “Social psychology and neurodiversity”

31st January

Mr Anderson (Design Technology): “How 3D Printing could change the world”

21st February

Mr Tebbs-Warner (Chemistry): “Pharmacology – an introduction to the mechanisms of medicines”

7th March

Dr Chiatelli (Languages): “Ancient Greek”

14th March

Mrs Rebecca Holness (Biology): “Water – the molecule of life”

21st March

Mrs Wakefield (Religious Studies): “The Turin Shroud: Fake or Fortune”