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Wellbeing at St Edmund’s 

The wellbeing of our school community is a priority and this term we have enhanced our provision with the appointment of our school counsellor, Nicky Crouch, as well as the development of our new Wellbeing Centre. 

Nicky joined us in 2020 and supported our pupils and staff through the challenges of the pandemic and online learning. In September, she moved into the Wellbeing Centre and established a calm, safe environment amidst the busy life of the school. 

Nicky was a children’s nurse for over twenty years, before re-training as a counsellor and working in a variety of settings with all ages. Working intuitively and with empathy, she aims to find the best way of supporting each young person. This involves developing a therapeutic relationship through talking, along with structured interventions and the creative use of additional resources such as games, books, art and writing. Nicky’s passion for promoting health and emotional wellbeing for children and young people is her drive and at the heart of what she does. 

In addition to 1:1 sessions with Nicky, the Wellbeing Centre is open at lunchtimes for anyone to drop in, regardless of whether they wish to engage with counselling. Nicky has introduced ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’, whereby pupils are invited to drop in to share their views and experiences along a variety of themes. The Wellbeing Centre is also used by the Chaplain and Peer Listeners and is proving to be a popular destination for those in need of a moment of calm in their lives.