St Edmund's

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Each and every child in Pre-Prep should feel happy and secure, and we work hard to ensure this happens in a positive and friendly environment in which everyone is valued.

Every child has his or her own unique personality, interests and abilities. From their very first day with us, teachers work closely with children as they develop their passions and talents, and explore new possibilities. Teachers really get to know each child and provide the encouragement and support that they need.



The wellbeing of pupils is of paramount importance to us, and we encourage the involvement of parents in their children’s education. Parents are always welcome in the classrooms and we make sure that there are frequent opportunities to talk to staff.


In addition, we provide opportunities for parents to participate in out-of-classroom activities, and to support their child’s education in as many ways as possible.

Our aim is that every child should take pride in their own achievements, whilst respecting the needs of others, their own and other people’s possessions, and their environment. We place particular emphasis, therefore, on interpersonal skills – especially courtesy and consideration.