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Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement

We all learn differently.  At St Edmund’s Junior School, we acknowledge this fact and aim to adapt, respond and differentiate teaching according to what we know about our pupils, enabling them to reach their potential and giving them the freedom to ‘be all they can be’.

As individuals, children learn at a different pace and speed to each other, and pupil progress is monitored closely and carefully by teaching staff, the Deputy Head and the SENCo.  There may be times in a pupil’s learning journey when they require a little more curriculum support. Short-term, classroom-based interventions can make an enormous difference to a child’s self-esteem, confidence and attitude to learning, and this is a normal and accepted part of school for our children. 

Should the need arise, we may recommend an external referral to diagnose a specific learning difficulty so that we can plan more targeted support.  Following assessment, all teachers and support staff who work with a pupil are made aware of their needs, the outcomes sought, and any teaching strategies or approaches that are required for that pupil to make greater progress. 

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Typical support that can be offered by the AEN team includes:

  • Literacy: reading, spelling, handwriting, planning and sequencing, typing, vocabulary building
  • Maths
  • Organisation skills
  • Mentoring and wellbeing
  • Developing Social Communication skills

These sessions run as small groups or on a 1:1 basis depending on the needs of the individuals concernedWhere external agencies are involved, such as the Speech and Language Team or Occupational Therapy, we will be guided by the specific interventions provided.


Alongside our own monitoring of AEN within the school, we welcome and encourage communication from parents and pupils if they have any concerns about their learning or suspect a learning difficulty. There is no additional charge for curriculum support at St Edmund’s, enabling us to respond to the pupils’ needs appropriately at any given stage.

Regular meetings are held between the AEN teachers in the Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior Schools to ensure continuity and the transfer of information, especially as children move between the different sections of the school.