St Edmund's


Junior School Science

At St Edmund’s Junior School we inspire children with the endless possibilities of science, develop their thinking and problem-solving skills, and encourage them to become the best scientists they can be. We are passionate about giving every child the opportunity to participate in investigations and experiments through hands-on science experiences.

Children are naturally curious and inquiring, so we provide an exciting and inspiring environment that allows them to question and test established ideas, take calculated risks and think creatively. Pupils learn to appraise their own work and evaluate information, thus enabling them to understand how science influences all aspects of the world around them. We provide support based on each pupil’s abilities and needs, and encourage respect, tolerance and tenacity through both teamwork and specific projects.

When they are not in our laboratories and well-equipped classrooms, pupils participate in outdoor learning activities in the beautiful and extensive school grounds. Our gardens see them learn and care for small animals, and grow fruit and vegetables.

From Year 7, St Edmund’s pupils are taught by the specialist teachers in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.