St Edmund's

Computer Science

Junior School Computer Science

This is an exciting time to be studying Computer Science, and we foster in our pupils love for a subject rich in learning opportunities – from the intricacies of networks and the Internet, to a new world of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We take a practical approach to pupils learning computational thinking, which sits at the very heart of Computer Science and problem solving in an ever-changing world. We provide them with a safe programming environment in which pupils are encouraged to take risks with their learning in order to develop the confidence to think critically. We start with game development, and give pupils the creative space to design something that inspires them as individuals. We then build to more complex programming projects as they progress through Junior School.

Computer Science is an ethically and morally rich subject, and discussion and debate – as a class, in groups and on a one-to-one basis – are important features of pupils’ learning.