St Edmund's


Junior School Drama

Budding thespians will be pleased to hear that Drama is a staple of Junior School life, with pupils honing their performance skills in anticipation of the fantastic opportunities that await them in Senior School.

We take a lively approach to the subject, with pupils getting experience of devising, improvisation, miming, use of physicality and vocal techniques. Our work is highly creative: staff and pupils develop scenes together, with various dramatic techniques applied to performances, and with plenty of improvisation in front of peers. Pupils also get a taste of performing for an audience and embodying a character, and develop an in-depth understanding of acting techniques.



This not only opens pupils’ eyes to new possibilities – for example, studying Drama at GCSE and beyond – but also provides them with valuable life skills. We believe that it builds many important personal qualities including creativity, leadership, self-confidence and communication skills.


Confidence in public speaking, and presenting themselves with assurance, will serve pupils well whatever futures they may choose.

Drama is available to all Junior School pupils, and is taught in the timetable for one hour each week by subject specialists.  There are also many performance opportunities through the school year including whole school productions and the St Edmund’s festival.