St Edmund's

Learning For The Joy Of It

Learning For the joy of it – St EdMUND’s Diploma

We inspire our students to excel in their academic endeavours by sharing our own research and passion for our subjects, equipping them with the skills that make learning rich and rewarding, and providing plenty of opportunity to challenge and stretch themselves.

Junior School

All children from Form 3 are encouraged to undertake independent research on whatever topic captures their interest so they can experience for themselves the joy of scholarly endeavour, as part of our innovative St Edmund’s Diploma.

Senior School

As part of our Enrichment Programme, Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to follow our Leadership diploma or undertake an independent research project. Many such projects are submitted as formal Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs). Because of the flexibility of our programme, we are able to support projects that do not always fit the criteria of an EPQ and, and instead award the St Edmund’s Durrell certificate.