St Edmund's


Junior School PSHEE

At St Edmund’s we take seriously our duty to ensure that pupils are equipped to tackle the challenges and responsibilities that life can put in front of them. Accordingly, our PSHEE programme is designed to ensure their wellbeing, and to provide them with the skills and aptitudes they need – to become both the best learners they can be and valuable members of our community.

Our enthusiastic and experienced team works closely with medical and other staff to deliver our programme – through dedicated lessons, and as part of every subject in the curriculum as well as the day-to-day routine of the school. Besides participating in debates and discussions, pupils explore topics such as friendships, staying safe online and budgeting through activities such as role play, games, talks and workshops. They also learn practical skills such as CPR and the use of Epipens.

An important part of our provision is RSE (Sex and Relationships Education), which helps pupils to better understand their physical, moral and emotional development. Our ultimate aim is that they develop self-esteem, respect themselves and others and make informed choices, and so develop healthy and respectful relationships.