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Junior School Music

“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand”, sang Stevie Wonder in Sir Duke. Nurturing such joy, understanding and passion for music is at the very heart of our pupils’ musical education at St Edmund’s.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of teachers that delivers an imaginative programme of study that feeds the musical abilities that exist in our school. Every child has the opportunity to explore their musical capabilities in the classroom, by learning a musical instrument and as part of an ensemble.

Music lessons in the Junior School focus on the core skills of composing, listening and performing and are explored through engaging topic-based work. At this stage of our pupils’ musical education the foundations are laid – not only for the possibility of studying music at an advanced level for some pupils, but also for a lifetime of musical appreciation for all.

Music lessons are given by visiting specialist teachers,  and pupils are encouraged to participate in one of our many ensembles. St Edmund’s is the home of The East Kent Children’s Orchestra, a community ensemble of 40+ players, and the school’s own array of musical groups and choirs.

JS Music 1

Performance is at the heart of what we do at St Edmund’s. We are incredibly honoured to have award- winning saxophonist and composer John Harle as our performance consultant, and the celebrated Tippett Quartet to regularly works alongside our pupils as string quartet in residence. Performance opportunities range from termly concerts, regular lunchtime concerts, visiting master classes, Junior School Music Festival, House Singing Competition, school musicals, a Carol Service in Canterbury Cathedral and participation in our very special St Edmund’s Festival to conclude our school year.

JS Music 2

Music enhances all of our lives and creating an exciting, enjoyable and enthusiastic environment, surrounded by music will, we believe, develop skills and appreciation of music for life.


St Edmund’s School is the proud home of The East Kent Children’s Orchestra (EKCO) The orchestra was established 10 years ago to provide an opportunity for young musicians from our school and the wider community to play in a 40+ strong Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra is open to musicians up to and including Year 8 and rehearsals are held very Wednesday at 4.30pm in our Recital Hall. 

An approximate of Grade 2 is required but the best way to join the orchestra is to just come along and have a go! 

More details are available by contacting Head of Performance Ian Swatman at