St Edmund's


Junior School Art

Children in Lower School enjoy lively and stimulating art lessons where they are given opportunities to develop self-expression, imagination and creativity. Through carefully planned activities children learn new skills, processes and techniques, and build confidence and belief in their ability.

Exploring the work of artists from a range of different genres, they learn to collect ideas and recognise how this can inspire and influence their own work. Our approach to the teaching of art involves strong cross-curricular links, with many themes linked to the topics which are being covered at the time. Children’s work is celebrated with bright displays both in and outside the classroom, and regular reports in the weekly newsletter. Our arts programme extends beyond the classroom, with opportunities for children to visit the wider environment or art galleries, take part in Arts Week activities, attend workshops or be taught by visiting artists.

In Year 6, one third of the year is devoted, in turn, to Art, Design and Technology. Pupils are introduced to the formal elements of Art and Design through the theme Environments, working from observation and imagination through drawing and painting.

In Year 7, they build upon these skills, and are introduced to a range of media and approaches through the themes of Natural World and Strange and Fantastic.

In Year 8, pupils spend one quarter of the academic year studying each of the specialist areas of Drawing and Painting, Printmaking and Ceramics. Drawing and Painting projects focus on Everyday Objects and Human Form, whilst the starting point for Ceramics is Sea Life. Printmaking sees pupils study the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. All projects in Years 6-8 offer pupils the opportunity to study the work of a range of artists and designers.