St Edmund's


National and International Trips

Trips away from the school give pupils the chance to deepen relationships with schoolmates, and develop new personal skills as they navigate unfamiliar contexts.

In addition to the regular weekend day trips we run for boarders, as part of our co-curricular programme we offer national and international trips. These include the Roman Fort at Bigbury Hill, the Mary Rose in Portsmouth, the Kingswood activity centre in Ashford, the East Kent Ploughing Match, Butser Ancient Farm, Wildwood, the Museum of Kent Life, Leeds Castle, the Turner Contemporary gallery and the Ramsgate Tunnels.

Our Modern Foreign Languages and PE Departments also run numerous day trips and residential trips abroad. These include a day trip to Arras and the Nausicaa Aquarium, a visit to the Christmas markets, an annual football and hockey sports tour to the Netherlands, an annual ski trip to either the USA or Canada, and a watersports trip to mark the end of Form 8.

Below is our day to day blog for our upcoming trip to Spain.

Spain Trip 2023

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Four