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Junior School Design & Technology

In Design & Technology lessons we teach with a problem solving approach, encouraging pupils to develop their creativity and to think ‘outside the box’.

We encourage pupils to be aware of the world they live in and to be able to evaluate products effectively, for both good design and fitness for purpose. During Design & Technology lessons pupils learn many new skills, work with a wide range of materials and gain confidence using the extensive range of equipment within the department.

From Year 6, Design & Technology sees pupils use their hands and minds in tandem – as creative problem solvers skilled in the use of tools, and so able to realise their ideas.

Led by expert and enthusiastic staff in our well-resourced workshops, pupils undertake practical projects that see them develop their manual dexterity. In tandem, they model ideas that meet human needs and wants, and in so doing learn about the technological world, and of the advantages and disadvantages of developments within it. Besides practical and conceptual skills, students learn to be persistent and to work together, and explore their own values.

We organise regular visits from local businesses, and beyond the classroom run a club which meets every week. We have also participated in the Greenpower electric car challenge, with pupils racing our own car at the Dunsford and Goodwood tracks.

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