St Edmund's



The recently refurbished Junior School Library has a large selection of books to borrow for pupils in all year groups; it is constantly being restocked with new releases from the pupils’ favourite authors, and titles from all genres, in order to provide enjoyment and stimulate pupils’ imaginations.

Pupils in the Lower School enjoy choosing books, and discussing stories, in their weekly library lessons; pupils in the Upper School visit on a fortnightly basis. However, all pupils are welcome in the library during lunch and break times, whether to choose books or take pleasure in some quiet reading time. There is a librarian training programme for pupils who wish to become more involved in the running of the library.

All pupils use the Accelerated Reader programme to help develop a love for reading; this is used alongside the support from the school librarian and teachers to motivate and monitor independent reading. The programme encourages pupils to reflect on their past reading choices when selecting their next book, thus making certain enjoyment is experienced, and progress in reading is ensured.

In addition to regular library visits, pupils also participate in events which allow them to express themselves creatively, such as World Book Day; pupils have the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book characters, write speeches and engage in drama activities with their peers.